Rob Derhak BIO

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Rob:

The first instrument I played was trombone in second grade, but quit in a year,
I started playing bass at 20, and started moe. with Chuck when I was 21.
I’m the youngest of 5.
In fourth grade I gave myself the nickname DooDoo. (that remained my nickname until the end of highschool)
I attempted to be a vegetarian for 9 months.
The first song to ever give me chills was “Locomotive Breath” by Jethro Tull.


Rob’s recent side projects:

Al. Rob. Chuck. In a car with their acoustic guitars. This is DiSGRACe.

Ha Ha The Moose​ feat the unenviable talents of Dr. Guano, Sludge, and Jeff VonKickass

Ha Ha The Moose’s live EP CD, “Alce En Vivo De Los Muertos” is AVAILABLE NOW!
Multi-tracked live at the Summer Camp Music Festival over Memorial Day Weekend 2008,
the EP clocks in around 42 minutes, and features the future hit songs:

The 10 Things Vin’s Most likely To Say
Redneck Trilogy
Thirsty Carbuncle
Ha Ha The Moose Theme
Devil Toad

Rob’s Brother John
Rob’s brother, John Derhak, has several books published, including “Tales of the moe. Rebublic” with lots of moe. related trivia. It is available at his website now, and other fine bookseller sites!